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* Available width 4.57m, 3.66m, 2.78m, 1.83m, 0.91m
Construction: Woven Axminster
Pile Content: 80% wool 20% nylon
Widths Available: 4.57m (15'), 3.66m (12'), 2.74m (9'), 1.83m (6'), 0.91m (3')
Repeat Length: 45.7cm
Repeat Type: Self Match
Suitability: Extra Heavy Wear
Tog Rating: 1.7

Total Pile Weight: 1207g/m2 (35.6 oz/yd2) +/-10%
Pile Height: 7.14mm (0.281”)
Pitch: 27.56 per DM (7 per inch)
Rows: 31.50 per DM (8 per inch)

Braeburn, a traditional plaid design by Ulster. Think British coastlines, wild hedgerows, and vast moorland and you will conjure up a rich tapestry of colours, from silvery driftwood and glistening blue seas to waxy green leaves and heathery fields. These stunning rural landscapes are the inspiration behind the ‘Braeburn’ range.

The traditional plaid design has been given a contemporary yet timeless feel with the use of plum purples, petrol blues, mossy greens and shimmering greys, brought to life by accented pastel shades. The distinct colourways of ‘Tayberry’, ‘Estuary’, ‘Seaholly’, ‘Petrel’ and ‘Myrtle’ combine the elegance and integrity of the plaid pattern with the freshness of these fashionable hues.

Due to the popular demand for this carpet range, the three additional colourways of ‘Biscay’, ‘Forge’ and ‘Glade‘ have also been added to the Braeburn collection.

These colours are an extension of the existing designs which use a subtle combination of tones to create a contemporary yet timeless feel. ‘Biscay’ has the light and delicate feel of sky and water, while ‘Forge’ conjures images of rocky outcrops and gorse through the use of a stronger grey complemented by a contemporary mustard colour. ‘Glade’ on the other hand continues the soft heathered theme which has been updated using aqua and soft grey.

The combination of 80% wool and 20% nylon used in ‘Braeburn’ creates a hardwearing floor covering which will add character and warmth to any space. As with all Ulster’s Axminster carpets, Braeburn is available in colour matching, multi widths in standard sizes 4.57m, 3.66m, 2.74m, 1.83m and 0.91m. The unique Ulster multi-width offering allows the client to order the correct amount of carpet required for their space, reducing both waste and cost.

For tolerance please add 10 cm to your width and length measurements.

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Metric Conversion Table


1 Square Metre 1.196 Square Yards
1 Square Metre 10.764 Square Feet
1 Square Yard 0.836 Square Metres
1 Square Foot 0.093 Square Metres


1 Metre 1.094 Yards
1 Metre 3.281 Feet
1 Metre 39.370 Inches
1 Millimetre 0.039 Inches
1 Yard 0.914 Metres
1 Foot 0.305 Metres
1 Inch 0.025 Metres
1 Yard 91.440 Centimetres
1 Inch 2.540 Centimetres
1 Inch 25.400 Millimetres

For tolerance please add 10 cm to your width and length measurements.


Colours on screen may vary from actual product colour and we strongly advise you view any product range in person before purchasing. We reserve the right to withdraw or amend any of our product ranges at any time.