Comfort Pad 5mm – cork and rubber underlay
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Comfort Pad

Comfort Pad 5mm – cork and rubber underlay

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Special features:
    sound and heat insulation
    mechanical decoupling

Application range: for impact sound insulation and as stress relief board

Suitable subfloors:
    sanded mastic asphalt screed
    calcium sulphate (flow) floors
    wooden planks, wood fibre boards
    STAUF levelling compounds
    chipboards (P4 to P7), OSB boards (OSB/2 to OSB/4)
    stone, ceramic, terrazzo, tiles
    unlaminated gypsum fibre boards
    cement floors

Product properties:
    suitable on subfloor heating systems
    Polyurethane-bonded cork-foam-granules
    heat insulating
    increases living and walking comfort

Color: Approx. 90 minutes at 20°C
DIBT: Z-158.10-203
Consumption per m²: web width 1 m

Additional instructions
Selection of adhesive: sub floor preparation, priming and levelling according to subsequent type of parquet installation. Use STAUF Polyurethane parquet adhesives. Before using other adhesives please consult the STAUF application engineering department. For parquet installation, preferably use the same adhesives used for bonding of parquet underlay.

Available packaging: 20 m² roll
Thermal conduction resistance: R = 0.025 m² KW
Impact sound insulation: depending on the construction height 16-25dB (according to ISO 140-8)
Emicode: EC1 plus.


For tolerance please add 10 cm to your width and length measurements.

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Metric Conversion Table


1 Square Metre 1.196 Square Yards
1 Square Metre 10.764 Square Feet
1 Square Yard 0.836 Square Metres
1 Square Foot 0.093 Square Metres


1 Metre 1.094 Yards
1 Metre 3.281 Feet
1 Metre 39.370 Inches
1 Millimetre 0.039 Inches
1 Yard 0.914 Metres
1 Foot 0.305 Metres
1 Inch 0.025 Metres
1 Yard 91.440 Centimetres
1 Inch 2.540 Centimetres
1 Inch 25.400 Millimetres

For tolerance please add 10 cm to your width and length measurements.


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