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Telenzo Carpets


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This robust 4-ply rib gives a lively look and is produced from the highest quality undyed wool of which 70% New Zealand wool, that’s why it feels soft and luxurious. On the floor this carpet delivers in both texture and pattern.
The natural colours make this carpet perfect for any home or office.
Available in 5 representative colours.

Construction:  1/4“ loop rib
Material:  100% undyed wool (70% NZ wool)
Pile weight: 1240 gr/m2
Width:  400 cm/ 500 cm
Suitability:  22 general domestic/ light project use
Thermal resistance:  0,14 m2 K/W

Tog rating:1.4

Features and benefits:
4-ply/Pile appearance/Ceneva backing/100% Wool/Moth Resistant/Pile reversal
/Bedroom, Hall & Stairs, Play area, Living room, Dining room

For tolerance please add 10 cm to your width and length measurements.

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Metric Conversion Table


1 Square Metre 1.196 Square Yards
1 Square Metre 10.764 Square Feet
1 Square Yard 0.836 Square Metres
1 Square Foot 0.093 Square Metres


1 Metre 1.094 Yards
1 Metre 3.281 Feet
1 Metre 39.370 Inches
1 Millimetre 0.039 Inches
1 Yard 0.914 Metres
1 Foot 0.305 Metres
1 Inch 0.025 Metres
1 Yard 91.440 Centimetres
1 Inch 2.540 Centimetres
1 Inch 25.400 Millimetres

For tolerance please add 10 cm to your width and length measurements.


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